Drinking Salad Dressing

Litehouse Foods donates $40,000 of salad dressing!


This is the second year Litehouse Foods has donated $40,000 worth of gift-packed dressings to fundraise for filters in areas like Ghana, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Honduras. All proceeds go 100% to putting these life-changing filters in homes. Each case ($120) contains 8 gift ($15 ea) and buys one BioSand filter. That’s up to ten years of safe water for a family.

At this year’s Safe Water Conference in Seneca Falls, SWG’s president, Jerry Graziano, challenged attendees to help sell 40 cases of the dressing for which he said he will drink  a bottle of the dressing himself!

A package of 3 Bottles for $15 provides safe water to a family for one full year!

It’s a delicious way to save lives!



Email us at donations for more information.

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