Manager’s Weekly Update

Hi Team,

This week alongside with preparations for our next trip to the village, Bagliga, on Monday evening so as to arrive there on Tuesday morning and go straight to work, we, Nathan Phillips, Ali Carpenter (the two students from Calvin College in Michigan working with me as volunteers during their semester of African studies here this year) and I are working on flyers, on safe water and sanitation and the difference that the Biosand filters can have and can make in communities. This will be our third awareness campaign for both donors and recipients for Abbepanya community. We have earlier gone and introduced the technology to about three weeks ago and told them how they could turn the lake water in potable water and they bought the idea but the story was like they many we have heard before “the filter are too expensive”. This is only 45 minutes drive from our distribution center in Tema. They have a big lake which they don’t drink from but use for other things and some of them have to buy sachet water for drinking.

They had one public pump which stopped delivering water since one year now. Upon Jim Bodenner‘s order when he was here last year and we had a meeting with Dr Sandburg and Renita from hope line, we had supplied Hope Line (another NGO training Ghanaians to set up small businesses) one filter which we were to install at their office for their students to see and think of the possibility of make that a commodity. I went there just about this time last to do a presentation and install the filter. The installation did not take place because they could not show me a place where they know it would remain. So we went there last Thursday and when they still could not came up with a place, I decided to take the filter away and donate to Abbepanya, as promotion. So we will be installing that filter on Thursday. We’ll be sending you those pictures too. Matter of fact, Ali Carpenter is from Rocchester, New York and she said she visits Seneca Falls; so when they return in Dec, she will visit you to share some testimonies.

Next week I will be in Bagliga from Tuesday to Friday on a follow-up of the recent installations we did two weeks ago. I have not had any calls from our men in the village ….
Plus, I got a call yesterday that there was a heavy storm in Kukou and its surrounding villages and many buildings, including our place of worship there, were affected. A tree fell on the roof and completely crushed the mud building; so they held service under a tree yesterday. I want to go and see what has happened and together we could come up with some suggestions. We are also gathering used clothing for the villagers with which I will be traveling. It will also give me the chance to begin some ground works for the January conference.

Let’s Roll!

Josephus Hallie
Tema Distribution Center Manager

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