Jeff Stewart and the Children of Bagliga

June 12, 2013 update – BAGLIGA FINISHED!

Bagliga is a small agricultural village about 15 miles from the city of Tamale. To date we have installed 110 Hydraid Biosand water filters. The 110 households of Bagliga are home to over 400 children. Many of whom are sick from contaminated water gathered from a dam over a mile away. With the help of the Safe Water Team and The Wishing Well International Foundation, every one of the 676 residents of Bagliga now has access to safe drinking water!

Each filter costs $120 – would you make a donation today and help us reach another Village?



Our distribution center manager Josephus conducting village wide water and sanitation education

…why we do what we do.

The Hydraid Biosand filter is changing lives for children and their families in Bagliga.